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Welcome to the Wild + Brave Club! Here we believe in connected parenting, embracing neurodivergence (with a focus on ADHD), cultivating mindfulness, and the restorative power of time in nature.

I’m Andrea, a Canadian mom of two boys, former teacher, and lifelong learner. I love coffee (iced, please), dogs, and spending time in nature with my family. My kiddos are teaching me all about how to parent a child with ADHD and anxiety, how to support emotional regulation, how to build resilience, and the power of a well-timed fart joke. 💨 (I just learned there is a fart emoji and I am very impressed.)

I know what it is like to feel in The Pit of parenting, to feel lost in a spiral of internet research, to question and second guess everything you’re doing to support your child and still feel like you’re failing as a parent. Spoiler alert: you’re not failing, and you’re not alone.

Thank you for being here and joining me on this journey!