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What's your reminder?

This is my phone screen lock photo. It’s a picture of my hand holding a heart-shaped clover leaf; it is a gift I was given by one of my boys on a particularly trying day a few years ago.

It’s also my reminder.

On that day (like many days before and since), there was yelling - by adult and child.

There were Words Exchanged.

There was yelling. And shouting. And stomping.

There were slammed doors.

Then, there was cooling off.

There were apologies - by adult and child.

There were hugs and connection and then, this gift. To remind me that he loves me (his words).

It’s so easy to focus on a child's negative behaviours, their defiance, their anger.

So this is my own daily reminder to look beyond a child's behaviour, to remember to connect, and that underneath it all is a sweet kid who struggles and who has the biggest heart.
One of the reasons I wrote Strong, Smart, Kind and Brave is for it to act as a reminder to all readers - children, parents, teachers, grandparents, and whoever else picks it up - of the same thing:
That we all make mistakes, but that those mistakes don't define us. 
That we are not our mistakes, we are SO MUCH more - we are talented, and kind, and incredible. ❤️